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  1. making a nice head and shoulders pattern, came off 25.60 to 22.75 then uo 25.23 and tested 23.88 to run to 25.34 and the best is cramer is trashing it at the bottom
  2. Technicals aside, I like eBay right here, right now on fundamental reasons.
    I don't view this stock as a company as much as I view it as a culture and as a job for many people.
    Especially with a "weakening" economy, there's just too many people (in my opinion) who depend on this "money exchange" for their "work" or "means of employment".
    Personally, I can't stand the store features, buy it now feature and the other store-like crap which is totally unrelated and frustrating when you do a search, etc. etc. etc... Okay, I don't like alot of eBay features... they've totally moved away from a true auction style of buying-selling... that said...

    I can't see or haven't heard of any eBay like replacements which have grown as large as eB, so I'd stamp a BUY on this if you have a longer buy and hold strategy. You'll do fine getting in right here!

  3. Might try my hand at some EB daytrading this week!

    Yahoo! I'm on The Tube!
    Heard news on the upcoming meeting tween Yahoo! and YouTube at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo this September 29-30, 2006. Yahoo's David Goldberg to meet with YouTube's CEO Chad Hurley to discuss the sale of YouTube's ad and content division for $241 M. to generate new revenue streams for Yahoo! and to coordinate the delivery of podcast programming and content at both web portals. Hurley to present on the pilot ad spots which have been running since October 2006, as well as, presentation of using Neilson ratings for portable devices. If Yahoo! proceeds with the purchase, announcement of financial details will be released on next scheduled conference call in Fall 2006.
    Source: Marketwatch, Aug. 14, 2006