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  1. IF there is a more screwed up stock than EBAY- please let me know!

    I have written a legal document giving permision to commit me involuntarily if I ever trade EBAY again after June expiration. Fortunately I am never naked and have a LOT of profits on the + leg of my puts... which looks good for a st financial statement but the stock keeps maxing put my potential loss on the other side, so I must keep rolling down and out! EBAY- go F yourself

    Any other sucker wasting capital on EBAY ??!

    :D :D :D

    (ok - i feel better now!)
  2. Mocean


    I bought shares at 37.20 and bought more at 32.53. I still think there is value in the shares and at is current level it is a bargain buy in my opinion. I usually dont do stop loss but I might get out if the stock continues to tumble.
  3. Ebay may have profitable overseas components but the US eBay is full of knock offs and illegally reproduced items. It is not what it was 4-5 years ago.Sellers have learned to reduce commissions by charging $ 20 shipping fees and selling items for $1.

    Its probably a buy here.:)
  4. eBay is a great short right now me thinks! :)
  5. GGSAE


    In the past month or so Ebay has been one of my best stocks on my list...up and down, it's a great stock to trade over a few days.
  6. capmac


    eBay sinks lower towards last Friday's breakdown low of 32.01 (EBAY) 32.04 -0.35