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  1. Come on baby..daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

    Anything north of 80 would be nice.
  2. Maverick74


    Another blowout qtr by Ebay. Here is the big question. When will Ebay outsell WMT? I think sooner then most people think.
  3. 70/75 May strangle?
  4. riskarb,

    Yes. I posted my trade on YHOO which worked out well. I don't know how this one will pan out.
    i welcome any suggestions and advice. I certainly don't consider myself an options expert...but so far this strategy is working out for me.
    I'm doing small size until I realize I'm not just getting lucky.
    I also have an ASKJ strangle which is currentl y under water by a bit.
    And last week I did one on SNDK which was ok.

    Happy Trading
  5. Nice trade, you're going to do well with it.