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    don't be fooled by the headline; the final value fees are being raised as much as 67% on items (from 5.25 to 8.75%).

    so if you sold an item for $9, you would have paid 40c+48c=88c.

    now, you'll pay 35c+.78 = 1.13 (total increase of 25%).

    and that's *if it sold*. sell-through's been dropping on there for a while.

    i stopped selling almost anything on there a while back when sellthrough dropped dramatically while listing fees, final value fees, and headaches all went up.

    i see a short-term blip for ebay's revenues for the first quarter they do this - and then a sharp dropdown after, as the big sellers realize that can't take another 25% notch out of their bottom line.
  2. I am professional EU seller on ebay.
    Fees Paypal + Ebay are hardly acceptable in todays world. F we calculate with relists, etc it is in fact more than 13% from brutto sales.
    It is very difficult for professional seller keep selling there - considering lowering prices due to economical problems and falling US dollar.

    To be quite honest I probably will end selling there. 5 years ago 100% of my selling was there, today it is maximally 30%.

    I feel they will have problems in future.