Ebay - you could be doing better.

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  1. First - bought Chinese antique (made in metal) from seller in China. Opened package to see a hand-made tin-foil "something" that was an obvious fraud. Seller had hundreds of transactions and 99% approval rating. Ebay - "We can't do anything". Me - out $250.

    Second and Third. Twice now tried to sell an extra camera we had around the house. Never heard anything from the winning bidder - both times the approval ratings were high (have they found a way to fudge these approval ratings?). Are bidders just trying to make sure their competition doesn't get the item?
  2. For #1 educate yourself about chargebacks... it is an incredibly powerful tool for consumers.

    Actually it's not a tool it's a weapon... use with care or your card (and possibly you) will end up on merchant blacklists.

    I used to have a merchant account... and basically if someone initiates a chargeback you either give the money back no questions asked... or you expose yourself to potentially business-destroying penalties by the CC issuers.

    The system is totally unfair to merchants... especially small timers like I was.

    After I learned this I got into it with a data center service provider who was trying to screw me out of a few hundred bucks. They started calling every day and hassling me.

    Basically as soon as I said "I am going to initiate a chargeback" the problem disappeared magically... they suddenly saw things my way and decided I was paid in full.


  3. The entry says a chargeback is the callback of a previously released payment of funds.

    The buyers in my case just bid a high number and never paid. How is it of interest to me to callback a payment? No payment was made by me (or him).
  4. I have had good luck buying stuff on ebay.

    But I avoid Antiques and collectibles.

    I bought stuff like used equipment for pennies on the dollars.