EBay, XLNX, NFLX today AH

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. hajimow


    Which ones will sink and which ones will fly? Share your ideas
  2. hajimow


    I believe all 3 will go down.
  3. 11Blade


    Judging from your other short threads, you seem to be hitting a small bump in the road with your predictions.

    I give you credit for taking a stand.

    NFLX and EBAY are up in after hours both about 7%.
    XLNX is down about 1% despite doubling profits, missed on rev numbers and guided soft.

    I will however say that you did not put a timeframe on your "belief" so you have plenty of time to be right.


    happy trading
  4. yeah, haji missed that one.

    looks like a horror movie NFLX +12% AH
  5. I don't understand how NFLX is making money these days........virtually everything is free to download.....are they in some other business these days? don't tell me to look up.....i'm lazy and i won't.
  6. free to download? it is more like "free to download unless you are caught"
  7. haji and retaildaytrader are en fuego as contrarian indicators on this site

    Streaming is a lot easier/cheaper than buying whatever physical medium the movie is on.

    Who the hell still uses cd's for music?
  8. S2007S


    Downloading movies today is like downloading music years ago.
  9. hajimow


    That was just a prediction and I know that I was wrong on two of them (NFLX and EBay). Good thing is that I don't trade those stocks. I was just tempted and shorted 1K shares of EBay at $27.50. I will short 1K more if it hits $28.

    I like NFLX as a company. Very honest and good company but I am a little bit worried (surprised) where it goes. P/E of over 60. If I were a fund manager, I would dump my NFLX shares tomorrow. Yeah I know that it is on the roll.
    I am short TXN, ADI, SMH and as of today EBay. Except EBay, I am short on naked calls and not the real stock so I have a little more room.
  10. you can stream many movies at NFLX already. they keep adding more. probably won't ship many movies in a few years.
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