EBAY will be 32 after earnings

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  1. EBAY is up almost 20% since mid March.

    optimism is priced in - that simple. long puts are the surer bet. Bought the Apr 35s for 1.35 and May 35s for 1.70. Need a move down greater than 30-40c to make these pay off.

    Wish me luck.
  2. oops. realized this should've been in stocks forum.

    anyway, i changed my mind on the aprs, and sold them flat. Only in the May 35s.
  3. oh well. bad call on the puts. at least i have the mays. May eventually be able to salvage them for something. this is good, though, because it tells me there's up room for my primary long position: google.
  4. At 35.5 in afterhours.
  5. Once again, you must FADE all ET picks and predictions... :p
  6. :D

    Yeah, I don't mean to rub it in but I was looking for a thread on EBAY and this was the only one I saw. Re the puts, I'd just take the hit and sell 'em. No use in letting the loss get worse.
  7. I made good on this.

    In AH, I shorted some stock at 36.40 and covered a buck lower. Then I went long at 35.19. If it opens weak enough, I'll just exit the puts outright. Lucky it didn't get away from me too much and very happy I went w/ Mays instead of Apr itm. There would've been no hope on 32.5's.
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    Well, I'm still long Ebay, so it'd better not crash:p. LOL!
  9. Wow! It looks like this is up to 36.
  10. Upgraded at both Goldman and Citigroup this morning
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