eBay to Zero....Short Now!!

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    Interesting. I also quit Ebay for exactly the same reason, but have many other complaints about it as well. If two of us feel that way, how many others? Isn't that same person who took Ebay down now at HP? Hate to see Ebay get a hold in Craigs list. Ebay will eventually ruin that too. Oh well, just more opportunity for competitors.
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    I dont think that law would come to pass.
  3. eBay DOWN 2.3% currently!!!!

    I handed the world a great trade!!!

    Hope you all made millions.

    Trail stop.

    and read that article...

    it's now on Drudge....so getting press.

    Next tip will cost you $500,000
  4. I've been hoping ebay would go bankrupt for a while now. I was a member of ebay pretty much from day one and back then it was awesome. I had fun, made some money, and bought some cool stuff on there. Then they went public and we all know the story from there.

    Not really related to this article. I think it would be horrible if this law actually passed but I still hope ebay goes broke lol.
  5. What's the deal with getting "verified" when you reach the $10k limit on sending with Paypal? I like Paypal because I think it affords a certain level of protection for on-line purchases. But not if I have to put my bank account number on some server; it kinda defeats the purpose of using Paypal.
  6. sounds more like the Government...than ebay

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    Ebay and paypal both suck.
  8. ebay is a rotton place.. ghost bids galore.. out of country scam central..
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