EBAY runup before earnings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by a529612, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. The #s better be good...
  2. Yeah

    cnbc just came out with it 7 minutes late

    and they called it breaking news
  3. Anything is breaking news these days.
  4. Damn, of course I sold Feb 30 calls against my long-term calls about an hour before earnings! Oh well...
  5. It's out of here! Ebay After hours trading up 11%.
  6. Nice trades. Caught me napping> I thought it was universally known they had a good qtr. guidance seems in line to me... Can't deny it's a nice maturing business though... interesting. We'll see, nice to see the big stock move like that, bodes well for the market.

    Look at the screaming headline on Street.com
    Hot Money Seeks Tech.. this from the James Cramer run website- The James Cramer that said to sell tech because it's " seasonal. "

    Tomorrow ought to be VERY interesting! A reversal day on the NASDAQ would be deadly... A steady build and break out with SMH participation would be oh so sweet and indicative of a reaccelerating economy and then it's back to interest rate worries which is where I think we should have been in the first place. We've adjusted our goal for next qtr to something ridiculous like 6% growth, a level we can beat...