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  1. I just sold a camera on EBAY. $20 was deducted from my balance that was on PayPal and I thought that was just EBAY trying to get theirs upfront...NOPE! I just received an invoice for another $20 from EBAY. The 20 deducted was apparently for PAYPAL's fees only...

    So I sold the camera for $600 and already 7% was shaved off the ticket.

    I honestly do not see EBAY thriving by charging all these fees. Why should each seller forfeit 7% of each item sold?
  2. Regardless of whether you sell with Free Shipping or add a shipping charge, the cost to sell on eBay are, Listing Fee, Final Sales Price Fee, PayPal Fee, and Shipping charge. It's often $40-$50+ on items like your camera.
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    Ebay has a monopoly and they are using it to their advantage, can you blame them?

    What are your options for selling something other than ebay?

    Other online auction sites are a joke compared to ebay and if you go with local ads (Craigslist) then you are limiting your target audience so you might end up getting much lower offers or take a lot longer to sell it, depending on the item.
  4. What.......eh.............does "this" have to do with trading,or............stocks...................or.............ticker EBAY?

    EBAY broke in January 2005 on a penny shortfall in EPS. Gee, who feeds the analysts?

    Cash vs accrual accounting. At that January 2005 point, EBAY already have five consecutive NOL's on their tax return.
  5. What does that have to do with the price of gash in Bangkok?
  6. I am professional ebay seller. You need calculate with fees for relisting items, store, etc.

    Paypal + ebay fees are a bit more than 14% from my brutto sales.
    Truth is that paying discipline is much better than earlier but still...

    it is about half as much as my netto profit.

    A bit bitter feeling in mouth
  7. Doesn't have anything to do with Thailand (or your smart ass mouth and plethora of no doubt informative posts).

    Just making the thread remotely relevant relative to some chump whining about a whopping 20 bucks on a trading site.

    Maybe the OP should take his toys out of the neighbor's sandbox and waddle home to mama for some milk and cookies. Then again, maybe he should have tried (note I said tried rather than succeeded) at selling his camera in the classifed section of his local newspaper.

    Get the point?

    I doubt it.
  8. I just noticed ebay breaking down. This one should go back to 21-22 in short time. How can a business model like this one survive by charging people ridiculous amounts on auctions?
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    Joe. :)
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