Ebay may sell Skype

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  1. 1) Will Skype be auctioned off on E-Bay?
    2) Will there be a "Buy It Now" price? :cool:
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    http://www.ebay.com is retiring <a href ="http://www2.ebay.com/aw/core/200904.shtml#2009-03-16135606"> Ebay Motors </a>

    Edit: Oops. Misread. Their just retiring the page.
  3. Skype was clearly worth more than Ebay paid.

    And Meg Whitman is Playboy material


    Has bucks though , for you Gigilo's out there
  4. Make sure you put a paper bag over your head AND hers. :cool:
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    Beauty is only a light switch away.
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    "eBay was roundly mocked for buying Skype, which everyone saw as a money-burning extravaganza. Now eBay gets $2.4 billion for its stake into the company, after selling the rest for over $1 billion, all for something it bought for $2.5 billion. In the end, eBay made money on Skype."

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/skyp...-ebay-did-make-money-on-skype-7#ixzz1Lz8ITxJ9
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    There was no reason to buy skype.

    It's the greater fool theory or something more behind the deals.

    There is more than meets the eye.