Ebay grows just 1% per yr?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by forforex, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. forforex


    EBAY Enterprise Value 36.97B

    Total Current Assets =3.18B
    Total Non-current Assets = 11.78B
    Total Stockholders Equity = 10.04B

    Isnt Enterprise Value suppose to be equal to total assets+ total non current assets? 3.18B+11.78B= 14.96B

    How do they get Enterprise value = 36.97B
    Market cap = 43.16B

    And then even they are worth 36.97B they made annual profit only 3.73B????

    So basicly company grew just 10% in whole yr?

    adjust those 10% to inflation and currency - 2.5% inflation - USD/EUR 6.61% and company grew 1% in a yr :)))

    INvestors are investing in 1% company's growth in a yr? :)))
  2. yes...ebay is goin' nowhere fast; yhoo ain't much better by the way.