Ebay Customer Suuport

Discussion in 'Politics' started by robbo, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. robbo


    Are Ebays Customer Support the biggest bunch of Tossers on the Planet?
  2. what do you mean?
  3. is beginning to really suck
  4. ...and paypal too. They rape you with fees these days.
  5. I sell thing on E-bay and feel the fees are geting out of hand.

    My product sells for $120. E-bay listing fees are in the 2.40 range and a final auction fees of $4.00. If the buyer uses Paypal, another $4.00 disappears. ~ $10 total in fees. Cost of the item sold is $77. Basically, 23% of my profit is gone.

    The flip side is I sell more items than if E-bay wasn't around. Catch-22.

    I think I'm going to stop accepting credit card on purchases to kill the 4% paypal fee.


  6. You have to move your complain to higher level if you want results, most of the junior level people will give you standard replies.
    I just had a three weeks duel with them and kept asking for senior manager, finally someone senior intervened and solved the complain.