EBAY Changes Feedback System- Sales about to Plummet?

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  1. I'm calling Ebay a short- Right here, right now. Official RM prediction.

    Now that ebay sellers can no longer damage the feedback of unreasonable buyers, the buyers have become far more difficult to satisfy than ever before; finding problems where there are none, and holding your feedback rating hostage unless you meet their demands. Ebay sellers have put up with plenty of crap in the past, but this new measure will likely be the last straw for many of them.

    When sales volume starts to slip in the near future, as it inevitably will... is ebay going to eat crow and quickly undo the new feedback policy, or will they 'stay the course', preferring to go down with the ship instead?
  2. I agree that the new feedback system will discourage new sellers coming to ebay.
    Also it will reduce the positive feedback of the current sellers which will keep the buyers away.

    Not good for ebay business.

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    Messing with the feedback could cause a problem. I for one have been buying stuff off ebay like crazy due to getting 40 to 60% discounts on brand new items. I observe all sellers with a fine tooth comb though. So far so good, except for one slow shipment.
  4. The only reason most new items are 40% to 60% off on ebay is because they are stolen. Ebay = Electronic Fencing.
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    Well if they are stolen, these users have been selling alot of brand new stolen stuff for years. I normally only buy from power sellers.

    If they are stealing things by the truck loads and getting away with it for this long I would sure like to know how.
  6. One of the evening CNBC business shows did a story on it late last year.
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    I am not talking about the Peons. Anyone with half a brain knows there are peons on Ebay that sell stolen stuff.
  8. What are the feedback changes that were made? Anyone have a link?
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    they publicized these changes a couple months ago. they did the feedback one as well as a press release stating "reduced fees!" when it was really a lower 5c here, INCREASE final fees elsewhere. big uproar about it.

    more sellers are leaving / planning to leave ebay than have done so since about 3 years ago?

    and, yes, there are tons of fraudulent stuff that ebay will do nothing about. there's a seller of pirated materials who simply creates a new user ID / paypal ID and then comes back again and again. and that's just one i know of; i'm sure there are *thousands*.
  10. Powersellers are also selling stolen stuff. They have large groups that run on ebay. They are legit in that they will send you stuff, they have great customer support. Only thing is the stuff is stolen.

    Many companeis complain but ebay ignores since they make so much in fees off the warez.

    Think about it. How can a seller offer new stuff for 60% off. Most of the prices on ebay are below wholesale. How could they do it? One word: Stolen.

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