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  1. So will PayPal..the only people that use them are third world vendors that can't afford a real merchant accounts...
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    eBAY owns PAYPAL!

    Don't be sure of their demise, they are huge and used by many first world vendors.
  3. I know that..thats why I posted it...

  4. They could solve this without a big hassle (for the IRS) by requiring Ebay to issue 1099-misc's for gross yearly sales.

  5. Opra


    Hmm, maybe I can take a loss deduction by selling that used digital camera on ebay?
  6. And right in time for the newly empowered tax happy Lib's to push it on through....YEEHAA!

    The timing of this committee report is not a coincidence at all....LOL! :D
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    I bet many sellers wouldnt use eBay if they had to give up their SSN to sell anything.
  8. I wish I could sell this book on EBAY.
  9. Great point!
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