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  1. I think EBAY is setting up to be a very lucrative short.

    The weekly chart is very extended above the 40 and 200 sma's. The macd has crossed over, and could produce a divergence during this current rally.

    The daily chart for the first time in almost a year has been trading below the 40/50 sma, recovering yesteday and today. This follows another set of significant divergences on the macd, and the first time macd has been below zero for almost a year as well.

    And the PE is 99+. C'mon.... in a value-driven market? :eek:

    They need to split this thing 2:1 or 3:1 or it is going to the bottom of the bay...imo.
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    How about FNM? Jim Rogers predicts it will be a "$5 stock". Currently at $61
  3. Wow! Look at that monthly chart!!!! If FNM takes out 58 it looks like 50 anyway. It has a decent yield which will provide some support if it can be maintained. The PE of 12.5 isn't ridiculous. But again, technically it could be very lucrative on the short side. Is that a descending triangle on the daily and weekly charts I see?

    Nice one DT'!
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    Splitting 2:1 August 29.
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    I have been tracking this since readin the article...but have not pulled the trigger...what do u think???
  6. Thanks JORGE. You can find me in my cave looking for an electric outlet. Hey inandlong, try reading the news once in awhile, and not just the sports page.

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    Where can I find the FNM $5 article?

    nice Gann / Haggerty 1-2-3 breakdown today too.

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    thankyou, great reading. Looks like Rogers is from the school of Buffett and p2.

    Forgive my ignorance - is he a frequent wearer of bow ties ?

    I'm not sure if I am mixing him up with another person I see on TV with the same surname

  10. Here is some insight on FNM from a service I subscribe to - could be a nice short, but will probably take awhile to see it's full potential.


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