Ebay, Adobe, EA Games Leaving CA For Utah Over Confiscatory Tax Rate

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  1. Ebay, Adobe, EA Games Leaving California For Utah Over Confiscatory Tax Rate
    Posted on Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 4:15 PM
    By Warner Todd Huston

    Computer software giant Adobe, computer game monster EA Games, and Internet auction king ebay are abandoning California to set up shop in Utah. Why? California’s horrid business climate and high taxes.

    Adobe Systems, maker of a suite of graphics programs such as Adobe PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, have announced that they are building a $100 million facility in either Salt Lake City or in nearby Utah County, Utah. The facility will bring thousands of jobs to Utah over the next few decades.

    In May the Internet auction company ebay also announced a major new facility to be built in Salt Lake City. The $287 million data center will also bring hundreds of new jobs to the Bee Hive State.

    Not to be forgotten, games maker Electronic Arts opened its new facility in July in Salt Lake City where around 100 employees are already at work.

    These companies fleeing California’s horrid business climate are not alone. There has been a steady flow of businesses out of California for the better part of a decade. As California’s political morass worsens, as its budget woes increase, and as her politicians are proven incapable of making the hard budgetary decisions to take power from unions and chop unnecessarily lavish social programs, the state’s jobs are bleeding out. California is an a freefall the end of which is still unseen.

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  2. Good for them!
  3. This is what the Founders intended... States rights and sovereignty. If you our your capital are treated badly in one state, move to another...

    Too bad we can't get away from the Feds without giving up citizenship. :mad:
  4. My neighbor is CEO of a biotech company in SoCal. He's had it with California. Next year he's moving his company to either Salt Lake City or Austin Texas.

  5. Dutch auction extortion. This isn't America isn't a from sea to shining sea of cabals. Without unity there is no patriotism. Just laughable gangsters out for their "personal" freedom.
  6. LOL!!! omarxistpoint says that if a company leaves one area for another more fiscally favorable one is "unpatriotic". ROFLMAO!! Also, this just in video game and software companies are now "laugable gangsters" and "cabals"....

  7. guess thats what passes for reasoning from the right.
  8. how exactly is it that you categorize me as being "from the right"? because i disagree with you? just curious...

  9. Real estate in SLC is dirt cheap right now. If SLC is the new silicon valley, might be a great time to pick up a few houses for $50k each and sell them in 10 years for $500k each.
  10. Lucrum


    guess that's what passes for reasoning from the left.
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