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  1. I had a dream.....will EBAY prosper with increased business as the economy slows and everyone starts selling their unwanted stuff on online?
  2. I think this is the weirdest stock of all time,
    eBay itself is a great website, but I think Paypal is the key component, paypal commands a great deal of respect..

    Paypal is like the online version of credit cards. I dunno I still think its a good stock to hold..
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    yeah,paypal is the key money maker...ebay lost something like 300k sellers last quaster...maybe the coming recession will bring more sellers...i will be keeping an eye out for some good collectables coming on the market...
  4. dont forget skype. I have been using it for a while and am a true believer in its technology. I think ebay is finally figuring out how to make money off it now though with cheap monthly fee + your own number. I think by end of the year they will start making money off skype.

    Btw anyone know why the free fall to $28? havent been following this stock in a few months.
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    Who is going to buy it?
  6. I am large international professional ebay seller. Ebay + Paypal fees are extremely high, in fact about 13% of my brutto sales - this is ridiculous and thats not only me, other sellers have this ration even worse.

    I think that in short I will f*off ebay. Small regional auction sites are much more profitable and plentiful these days.

    If we count that US dollar lost 60% off its value compared to my local currency it is hardly rentable.
    I spoke with another sellers, situation is the same. I believe that ebay lost as minimum 50% of its international "traffic" they can tell what they want. I believe if not Paypal and Skype they will be bankrupt.

    If we speak about fundamentals I am sure that ebay is loosing earth under legs worldwide, just probably you there in USA do not see it.
  7. I am an ebay powerseller too, and have tried many different alternatives but in the end, there is still no comparison. Ebay's fees are a complete ripoff i agree, but my items still have way more bids/views when listed on ebay vs any other sites.

    What alternatives are there?
  8. Selecto. My thought is that as folks get tight for cash they will sell their unused stuff and similarly look to eBay to buy used or lower cost new items. Hell my wife has already traded down to Walmart.

    However, she was at the mall today and reported it was very quiet and sales everywhere.
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    Ebay is hated because street does not like the CEO. The day she leaves, the stock will go to 50.
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    january is always quiet at the stores-after xmas etc wait til march april to see....Ive heard a lot of the same about stores being quiet tho....

    "Btw anyone know why the free fall to $28? havent been following this stock in a few months"

    last quarter they reported a net loss of 300k sellers so they aint collecting revenue like they once did...Paypal did great on the other hand...but that is moot if sellers are leaving ebay...

    A lot of people use craigslist and i have sold stuff there too and prefer it to ebay.

    Personally i think the ebay fees are cheap compared to what it used to cost to place in ad in your newsppaper(try 50$ per day) which had tiny exposure...Ebay is great to buy and sell.Look how many people have become successful and make a living at it...
    The only fee that really sucks is the 3% paypal fee....Also if you sell small dollar items with slim margins its a waste almost....I used to sell quite a bit of stuff on ebay.Its great for stuff from 50-1000$....which is the range i used to sell in....I also flipped a lot of crap on ebay which was fun and profitable.I still buy collectable stuff on there from time to time if it is way underpriced and that i can flip easy.I remember buying a guitar for 499 with a buy it now and put it on sale 699 buy it now as soon as it arrived on my doorstep.Somebody bought it within 6 hrs of my posting it!However ebay made 22$ off fees and paypal made 27$.So i was pissed on the pp fee.Also the paypal chargeback scams are horrible so i will never use it on expensive items again.

    Anyway better money to be made trading but ebay is fun and can be profitable.
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