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    where do you go to eat in the canyons of wall street?

    strip tease bar on nassau street doesn't count.:)
  2. I had some good sushi and drinks at a little japanese place there. I forget the name, but there is an outdoor parking lot right next door.

    Shouldn't be too hard to find, outdoor parking is not too common down there.

    ps: one thing I have learned in my short years NEVER EAT FOOD AT A GO-GO BAR!!!!!
  3. "Nassau", oh my god!! That place was disgusting, it's still open? When I worked down there, there was an old couple with a cart in front of Charles Schwabb and the Trump building, they made a great philly cheasesteak for about $2. "Manga" next to the NYC Sportsclub and Capitol Building had good sandwiches and more, but like everyplace down there it was expensive. $10 for a sandwich and soda.
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    Too many spit-backs in the peanuts?
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    I ate on Canal every day. Alternated between hot dogs and falafel sandwiches. My lunch budget was a couple of bucks.

    There was a great place in 2WFC in the Winter Garden. Sfuzzi (sp), they had another one on the at like 67th and Columbus(almost next door to ABC). I used to hit either of them for a happy hour spread that was a MONSTER buffet. For the price of one (or 5 beers) it was a golden free meal.
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    I personally like the Daisy May barbecue cart on wall and broad (try the chili). Also the soup cart in front of the Deutsche Bank building is pretty good. The mudtruck has good coffee

    There are various chain sandwich places like cosi, Au Bon Pain and Pret a Manger. Try Starwich across from the Deutsche Bank building on wall. Good sandwiches, though expensive (>$10).

    For Japanese fast food there's Teriyaki boy on Maiden Lane between Broadway and Nassau. Cheap Donburi and sushi. It's one of the few Japanese places in the area that's actually run by Japanese people.

    There are several restaurants on Stone st which I like. Financier Pattisserie is a nice cafe with good sandwiches, salads and pastries. Ullysses is a popular wall st area after work bar. New York magazine listed Ullysses under places to hook up with a broker. Smorgas Chef is a good place to go for dinner. I've also heard good things about Adrienne's Pizza Bar.

    Further up Nassau st. between Fulton and John st. is Holey Donuts which is worth a try for their patented low fat donuts and their Alaskan Ice-roast coffee.

    On days when the trading isn't going too well I often go for the after 4:30 $1.50 whopper special at the Burger King on beaver st. between broad and broadway. If I'm a little more hungry a go for a burrito at Chipotle on Broadway near Bowling Green.
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    Remember Ed the straw man on the NYSE floor?

  8. right on Wall is a great upscale buffet type place called "Mangia." The food is very good, and if you like stony, cold, and majestic Eastern Bloc chicks, that's all that works there. I think it must be number 30 something, even side.
  9. A meatball calzone from Majestic Pizza on a little street between Church and Broadway... may have been Cortlandt Street directly east of the WTC.

    Also, there used to be a fabulous Indian greasy spoon just a little north in Tribeca... but it made working in the pm always a gamble.

    The only thing I recall from the Bankers Trust cafeteria was a huge outbreak of hepatitis one winter.
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    how about a little bit more elegant dining?
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