Eating Captain's Wafers to bolster trading confidence...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Reaver, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Anyone ever try this?

    Assuming Captains really eat these, wouldn't it be safe to assume that a trader (who is also a Captain of sorts) should be able to benefit from the Wafers of Captains?

    They are pretty cheap at the store too.

    Just tossing ideas out there for you guys.
  2. I knew this guy everyone called him captain. Years later I found out he was a bell boy captain.
  3. I also knew a guy named captain. I always thought something
    was little off about him. A year later I heard someone call him Captain Lance the Prancer and saw him kiss some other guy. Man that made me sick.

    I don't think he ate those wafer things though.
  4. Me too....but I wonder if that's just a common nickname for those bell boy types?


    Just an academic interest here of course, but are you aware if he ever partook of Captain's Wafers?
  5. Yeah I agree, he probably didn't eat the Captain's Wafers.

    Yeah that would make me sick too, especially if I was eating or tired.
  6. Actually I was thinking about starting a similar thread a few days ago. I was going to title it something like, does anyone have any special remedies and do they work.

    For instance, I think Altoids prevent cancer. Now if I eat several Altoids a day, maybe because I believe this, it might work. So far I don't have cancer. Altoids are cheap and taste good too!!

    Now I suppose a Captains Wafer may provide confidence, but more than a general wafer? I'm not up on my wafers, but Captain has a nice mmmm sound to it, maybe just the right amount confidence where as a general wafer is up there with a Hubris wafer.
  7. I see your point on the General vs Captain's wafer dilemma...I agree, I'd say go with Captain, just because it reminds me of seafood AND has an authoritative tone to it....

    Yeah Hubris wafer, while still catchy, would probably be more geared for the health food all natural types...sounds like it has a lot of fiber (or for marketing purposes- fibre in it.....

    You know man you might could squeeze a few bucks out with an ebook on the miracle of Altoids.

    I'd say as long as the FDA didn't put you in jail, you'd be on a good ticket. Once Altoids saw the coast was clear, you may even get a little kickback for increasing their sales.....