Eating canned cat food alternative to

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  1. expensive human food

    Has anyone considered moving to a canned catfood based diet to offset rising food and gas prices? I'm posing a serious economic question. You can go to safeway and buy 10 cans of cat food for $7 which should suffice for a couple days. I'm surprised no one has thought of this before as a way to save money.

    Maybe Big Food doesn't want people to know the truth about the benefits of catfood so that we're stuck paying premiums for human food.
  2. You talk dog shit all day so its probably not that big a leap for you you twat. How is your make believe trading going?
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    Bwaaahahah ... Hey, listen ST, folks have been doing that for years probably ever since they started canning the stuff - dog food too.

    Mix with hamburger meat ... make tacos, casseroles, shit on a shingle...yeah....:)
  4. if it gets that bad for ya, think about rice.
  5. Go to shelter A and adopt a cat. Then go to shelter B with cat and wear sorrowful face and tell them you need a weeks supply of cat food till your check comes (or when subprime debacle is over). They should give you some free cat food. Go home look for msg in cabinet and have a two course meal.
  6. I think people will move to SPAM (I dont know if it is meat) then to cat food.

    Best alternative. Kill the cat and eat his food. That's the way to fight global malnutrition.

    Why not eat the dead cat, as well?
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    Your going to eat cat food!!!! need to just close out every position you have, cash out all your trading accounts and deposit that money into your checking account and buy some real food! Your contemplating eating cat food and still trading, what the hell are you thinking? Use your money to live on, goto your local temp agency and get a real job. I'd rather be working full time flipping burgers at a fast food joint rather than trading the ES and eating cat food.
  8. slacker


    Too expensive, try Monkey chow for less than $1 a day!

    Good trading next week!:)
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    dude are you a little retarded?
  10. I have a better idea, instead of pushing your idiotic market thoughts

    why not start taking advice of ETers and develop a price technical trading strategy

    that way WE won't HATE YOU

    and you will be eating human food for a change

    you see that way its a win for us all
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