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  1. hi protein suppositories?

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  2. There is a fundamental weight in the brain (no joke it's scientific study) it is invisible like market's price but it is there and although elastic it can be you always tend to return to it :D

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    of course... thats why you stay on a diet, and maintain a daily excerise regimen... nobody is saying diet once stay slim for life... ppl who are overweight are overweight due to genes, etc. theres no way you can alter that... REGN tried lol... (i rode it for a lil based on the fact of an obecity pill blase blah but we're falling off track here) back to the lecture at hand, stay healthy, keep a low calorie diet, and CARDIO, CARDIO CARDIO... i do not know what shape youre in however i do 45 mins of cardio at 5:30am every morning at speed 4-4.5 and an incline of 12... i burn approx. 600 cals in that session and this allows me to have "cheat" meals and vere off a strict diet... quite possibly if you wish do the same you might find similar results... good luck to you...
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    i do cardio every morning twice on off days, and i weight train every other day one muscle group per day... im not into "bulking" i am a fairly decent size and work on mainting and slightly cutting... im friends with many personal trainers (certified and wannabes lol) and have access to a myriad of informational resources, thats how i got into shape... what gym do you belong to???
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  5. How many grams of protein can the body process per meal. I thought it was about 30 - 40 grams. Whouldn't consuming more than this amount per meal just be excess calories?

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  6. I was in a similar situation about 6 months ago, about 10kgs over where I wanted to be. Low carb diets are all the rage right now, but aren't much fun and it is easy to put the weight back on when you go back to normal eating.

    What I did was to eat a balanced healthy diet (plus junk food and chocolate 1 night per week to treat myself) plus 4-5 40min cardio sessions per week, and a few weight sessions to keep muscle tone. My bodyfat has gone from 20% to around 12% in this time.

    Once you get your fitness levels up a bit, consider High Intensity Interval Training. You can get a great cardio workout in 20 mins. That's what I do now, combined with 30 mins weights a few times/week (maintenance), and I am still losing bodyfat without worrying about what I eat or living in the gym.

    If you like tuna, make a sandwich with some lettuce, low fat cheese and a few other fillings. Snack on fruit and yoghurt, I also sometimes have weetbix or le rice. I would avoid supplements and stick with real foods if possible.
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  7. I find that I have a finite pool of discipline within myself. When I am dieting, I seem to lose some concentration while trading. When I am eating junk, I can focus all my mental energy on trading. Therefore, my diet consists of what I have access to in my refrigerator. I only need to have discipline to diet while I am at the grocery store.

    I truly believe that like Harrytrader said about a weight inside the brain, a person has a limit to the amount of discipline within. Discipline is fighting your very nature. If it comes naturally, then you don't need discipline. The important thing is to turn an unatural act like avoiding junk food into a routine. If I get in a routine of working out and avoiding the 6 Nestle Crunches I crave at all times then it is easier. Like AA, I take it one day at a time. One trade at a time.
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  8. ... but

    OK, here's the deal -

    The best way to get "lean" is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you're taking in and do some type of resistance training. This doesn't necessarily mean you want to "bulk up!" The KEY is that muscle burns more fat than anything else!! In other words if you're sitting in front of a damn computer screen trading all day -- you'll burn more calories if you have more muscle! It's simple.

    I used to think -- "it's very simple, just burn more calories than you take in" -- but it is a little bit more complex. You actually can increase your metabolism by cutting excess carbs and lifting weights.

    The less you eat, the more your body goes into "starvation mode" -- conserving "fat" for energy. So forget about the diet and start eating healthier (lean protein, veggies, etc).

    You see people all the time (fat people) who run and diet -- what do they usually look like?? Pears!! No offense, just making a point.

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  9. Holy smokes, how much do you weigh and how tall are you? 3 plates is a lot to bench unless you weigh around 250lbs (that would be 1.25 your body weight)
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  10. I dated a model and she lost weight when she wanted to fast.

    Just don't eat and drink caffinee and chew gum when you get hungry. Till your at the wieght you want, then the next stage is when you go out you order salads eat the lettuce and push around the croutons around and pout.

    If you happen to have a caving you can't control and give in to the cheesecake and gain wieght repeat proccess over.

    If your serious about wieghtloss its the only way to go.
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