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  1. Sitting in front of a screen all day isn't exactly the most healthy lifestyle, particularly when the kitchen is less than 30 seconds away.

    I'm trying to lose a few pounds and I was just wandering what other traders eat during the trading day.

    Has anyone got any suggestions for healthy, low fat meals you can make during the completion of a five minute bar?

    Or even some of those high protein smoothies...

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    are you serious about losing weight??? what is your weight now and what is your target weight??? are you athletic??? and are you a Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph???
  3. On Sunday evenings I prepare much of my lunch for the week, and as a result my lunches are much healthier than they were when I was working on the outside.

    I put together small individual baggies with a serving of grapes, a serving of carrots, a serving of cucumbers or pepper slices or some other veg. I also have apples and oranges available. At lunch time all I need to do is put together some kind of quick sandwich or a hot dog or something like that and grab some of the baggies and an apple or an orange. The fruit and veg help fill me up while not adding the calories. It sounds like an anal way to have lunch but it works well for me.
  4. Yeah I'm serious. Im about 210 pounds at the moment at 6 feet, so I'm about 20 pounds over my ideal weight. Im a meso. i build muscle pretty fast when I hit the weights but it I've been a bit slack over the past two years. I just started back at gym and I'm aiming for four sessions a week, however at 31 Im not finding it as easy as I used to in my mid twenties.

    unfortunately I seem the crave sweet foods, particularly in the late afternoon. I try and snack on fruit buy it doesn't satisfy me.

  5. Don't be SHOULD NOT be sitting all day in front of your monitor(s).

    Take a walk for lunch...clean the house for 30min to 1hr of exercises and eat a small lunch of whatever you consider to be a healthy meal.

    The combination of activitiy and small healthy meal with do wonders for your body and mind instead of one without the other.

    Time to trade.

  6. Bro, all I can say is MET-RX. High protein, low fat. You have to remember that since we sit all day we don't need as many calories as a normal active person. Sub your breakfast and lunch with two of these. they can be mixed with water,milk,juice...all very tasty and surprisingly filling. GIVE UP COFFEE!
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    Here is what I do for meals:

    I have a budget of $200/mth, that I use to subscribe to various financial publications and "hot pick" services. I print the daily advisories, divide them into portions, and eat them throughout the day.

    Depending on what service it is, you may want to add some salt and pepper to taste.

    Good luck.


    I too like sweets, particularly chocolate ice cream! But in a way it's like trading ... one needs to exercise discipline. I try to eat healthy, snack on apples, grapes, carrots, bananas. And I also advocate exercise; I run 5-6 miles before the market opens and often bicycle after the close to deal with any stress from the day.
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    Although it's not excercise, stand in front of your monitor from time to time instead of sitting. This will make you somewhat active, plus help reduce the chances of getting e-thrombosis and big-buttism.
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