Eat your vegetables: Nutrients in leafy greens may help prevent dementia

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Frederick Foresight, Dec 21, 2017.

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    What happened to fish being the perfect brain food? :D
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    Well, the nervous system including the brain is largely made of fat, so make them good ones.
  5. I'm pretty sure there's no one right thing, but a combination of a number of good things.
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  6. Or one could take a different position. Since the political posts seem to have a level of emotional maturity of a 12 year old, eating leafy veggies drops that to a whining one year old. Seems about right. LOL. I do like my veggies, but depletion of nutrients in our soil has weakened the crops we grow. Vitamin supplements, good ones, are essential.
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  8. Cheap vitamins are useless, and so are multi vitamins. Too much introduced to the body too fast just goes to waste, literally. I have also experienced the element of time. My experience has been it's takes several weeks to notice any improvement in health from taking vitamins. People also need to read up on what vitamins to take in relation together vitamins. For example, calcium is best absorbed when taken with magnesium. Other vitamins inhibit the absorption of other nutrients. Bottom line, if someone just pops a one a day multi vitamin they're wasting time and money.
  9. Must have been really tough for our hunter/gatherer ancestors to get all the variables and timing just right.

    Kidding aside, even if there is something to all that, I don't want to make a career of it. I do take a 50+ multivitamin, perhaps against my better judgment, along with fish oil. But I essentially rely on a healthful diet. Perhaps I'm not optimizing, but I suspect that I'm probably doing reasonably well. I'm not going to go down the complex supplement rabbit hole to the benefit of the supplement manufacturers who know how to elicit just the right amount of fear and uncertainty with their "research findings."

    Of course, if irrefutable evidence surfaces in support of them, I will give the matter another look.
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    Multi's are hardly a big expense and if they fill in the odd crack....
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