EasyLanguage, store open at exact time

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by twinx, Jul 6, 2007.

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    e.g. I want to do a calculation with the open of the bar at 13:00.
    I am beginner...

    This don't work:

    variables: openStart(0), closeEnd(0) ;
    if Time = 1300 then openStart = Open ;
    if Time = 1700 then closeEnd = Close ;
    plot3(closeEnd - openStart ) ;

    plot3 shows me for every bar a across or point in my subchart and I can not refer/understand what the values are.
    So how can I calculate only the specific bars?
  2. twinx


    Now I see that I have the problem to grab the Open at my bar at e.g. 13:00 a clock!

    How can it be done with easylanguage, only receive the open from the bar at e.g. 13:00 a clock?