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    I am trying to add a condition to a trading rule that requires the stock has a minimum daily range of .75 cents during the current trading session. The strategy is being tested on intraday bars in TradeStation. Does anyone know how to determine the current day's range in TradeStation? ( I know how to do it if the data series is daily, but this data series is intraday)
  2. Yeah, I'm having the same love affair with Trade Station myself. And when I ask for in depth help they offer to charge me $150 per hour....

    Anyway, to answer your question (for TS6), try adding "D" to your opening condition.

    For example: (using hourly bars)

    If closed(0) > closed(1) then begin;

    condition1 = close[1] < close + (high - low)......... ;


    Note that the brackets used aren't the same in the two statements.

    Hope this helps!
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  4. Are you guys using TS?

    I have owned that product since System Writer 1?, and never got it to make serious money.
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    I use it for me... to backtest some stuff. I'm not a programmer so EasyLanguage is little easier for me to handle... than c++. I have a programmig company but we produce all different kinds of programs for any kind of applications.. not specially systems. We have teams in different parts of the world.
  6. Doing anything in India?
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  8. We are setting up there in Panaji, do you have an office or just contract programmers there?
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    contract programmers
  10. How are they to deal with?
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