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  1. Hello,

    The following is portion of Easylanguage code generated by Automatic Pattern Search software (APS) that it sets the profit target and stop loss of an entry :

    input: targetpoints(0), stoppoints(0), multiplier(1);
    variables: profitprice(0), stopprice(0);
    profitprice = O of tomorrow + ( targetpoints * multiplier) points;
    stopprice = O of tomorrow - ( stoppoints * multiplier) points;
    sell next bar at profitprice limit;
    sell next bar at stopprice stop;
    Question: If a EURUSD chart is used and target and stop are both 75 pips, should I set both targetpoints and stoppoints to 0.0075 and leave the multiplier equal to 1?

    This seems not to work but makes sense to me.

    I guess the EL word "points" is confusing to me.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Tums


    here is the definition of Points in EasyLanguage:

  3. Thanks Tums I see that but they have no examples for forex prices.

    Maybe when they wrote the manual forex was not popular:)
  4. Is this program worth its money?

  5. Tums


    I thinks so.
    EasyLanguage is easy to program.
    There are thousands of examples on the web.
    Many people know the language; it is easy to find help.
    This is a mature programming language.
    It is 20+ years old; it has been tried and tested in real life trading.
  6. I agree. EasyLanguage is "easy" as compared to other languages used in some other platforms.

    I also like Tradestation because they offer everything in a single package, data, backtesting, brokerage, etc.