Easylanguage help/Is this possible?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by wizardx, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. wizardx


    Say I have two entry signals, A and B.

    If A has a position on, no other A entries are allowed.
    If B has a position on, no other B entries are allowed.
    However, mixing A and B entires is allowed. (i.e., if A has a position on, B is allowed, and vice versa.)

    I need a way for Easylanguage to distinguish between a market position from entry A vs a market position from Entry B. As far as I can tell, the "marketposition" reserve word cannot do this.

    I have tried other workarounds, but can't get it to work perfectly. Can someone please help? Thanks.
  2. wizardx


    lolol! all i had to do was click "Allow for different entry signals only" in preferences. Then make a couple of minor tweaks in the code, and badabing badaboom it's working!
    :D no wonder all the code i tried before didn't work.
  3. Not sure that this is exactly what you're asking, but try this. Give the orders names...

    buy ("EntryA") next bar on open;
    buy ("EntryB") next bar at buylimit limit;

    Then when accessing them in the money management part of your code, try this...

    sell from entry ("EntryA") next bar at entrya stop;
    sell from entry ("EntryB") next bar at entryb stop;