Easylanguage for research ATS developments

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  1. Hi,

    I don't have any programmatic knowledge. However, i am planning to learn an easily learn-able programming language.

    The main purpose for now is:

    To test/develop ideas into an ATS

    For real trading using an ATS:
    I am going to hire a programmer to convert this ATS into the most suitable language to work on the most suitable platform for my strategy.

    So, it is only for research.. I want to learn it fast and to enable me to play/write quick codes.

    Any suggestion?
  2. LeeD


    Try Amibroker. They have the most concise language for describing trading systems I have seen... and backtests are way faster than in TradeStation. Shorter code means you spend less time actually writing the code and more time working on the logic of the trading system.

    Alternatively, any platform that supports visual basic or C# will be good.

    If don't care about speed and don't need tick data, you can back-test trading systems even in Excel.
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    Quote from Nana Trader:

    The reason i am posting this, is because most recent
    positive review in ET about AB about AFL being power-
    full language and AB seems to have attracted lot of users,
    but to me it's less than EL, WL scripts. I like to compare them.

    Yeah, AFL is more powerful and faster than most other languages, but its learning curve is much steeper too, so you may not like this aspect of it.