EasyLanguage: filter on a different time-frame

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by SonnyPlunger, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Hi, I would like to use a filter BASED ON 5-MINUTE BARS for a 1-MINUTE PAINTBAR.

    For example, I would like a doji-bar 1-minute (Condition1 below) only to show when my filter (Condition2 below) is satisfied IN A 5-MINUTE TIMEFRAME.


    Price( Close),
    Length( 14),
    OverSold( 0),
    OverBought( 100),
    OverSColor( Red),
    OverBColor( Red) ;

    variables: MyRSI( 0 ) ;

    MyRSI = RSI( Price, Length ) ;

    Condition1 = Open = Close ;

    Condition2 = MyRSI > 60 ;

    If Condition1 AND Condition2

    then begin
    PlotPB(Low, High, "doji-bar") ;
    Else NoPlot(1) ;


    If I use this paintbar on a 1-minute chart, the RSI-values (Condition2) will be calculcated based on 1-minute values as well ... BUT I want Condition2 to be based on 5-minute values!

    Would that be possible? Help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, SonnyPlunger
  2. ET99


    this has been done so many times
    have you even googled before you ask?
  3. jprad


    Condition2 = RSI(Close, 14)Data2;
  4. ET99: I'm glad to hear that it has been done before. So now I know it's doable!
    Yes, I've googled and searched this site, even TradeStation forums, but so far to no avail.

    jprad: Thanks for a constructive reply, but your code doesn't work. I'm a beginner-level programmer, so I guess I need the programming in full.

    Thanks, SonnyPlunger
  5. I guess my problem is this:

    How do you reference an indicator value with Data2?

    While for example (Close of Data2) is accepted, (MyRSI of Data2) is NOT accepted.

    Any helpful suggestions?

    Thanks, SonnyPlunger
  6. If you post your question in the correct TS forum, it will be answered, try pming one of the in house Geeks @ TS, most will help you.
  7. ET99


    have you tried googling

    easylanguage data2 ?!?

    i reckon that you are a beginner,
    but the web is full of examples upon examples of the exact exact exact thing you are asking.