Easylanguage, Bollingers

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by jasonbraswell, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Sorry to bug you folks with such a stupid question, but I'm having a problem with Easylanguage, and nobody on the TS forum seems to be interested in it.

    This is supposed to turn into a strategy, but I wanted to try an easy painbar to test the building blocks. The code is supposed to paint market structure highs that exceed the upper BB:

    inputs:price(close), period(20), Deviations(2);

    if high[2]<high[1] and high<high[1] and high[1]>=BollingerBand(price,period, deviations) then begin
    plotpb[1](low[1], high[1],"Poke Bar", red);

    Only problem is this code misses instances. I've attached a screenshot where you can see such examples.

    Any idea what stupid mistake I'm making? Thanks in advance.
  2. Also, there is no smiley face in my actual code.
  3. mmillar


    It can take a while to get responses to coding questions. I've posted a reply to your question on the TS forums.
  4. Uh, that's not what's written in my TS, nor is it what I wrote on this forum. Am I accidentally invoking some html command that's lopping off my code?

    I responded back at the TS forum.