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  1. does easylanguage has function similar to metastock function : security("symbol",dataarray)?
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    Other than the symbol currently loaded into a chart, EL cannot access other symbols or their data without the use of third-party DLLs. And even then its a hack.
  3. trying to combine report of two symbol or more using common strategy. currently doing manually so quite consuming. any suggestion on how to get the report directly on the platform? use of close data2 3 4 5 are possible but also have to insert multiple symbols. integrating the symbols into the coding would be good
  4. Let me add that you have to convert your strategy to indicator form to use this. It definitely works to allow data from as many symbols as you want to be seen by the 'receiver', as I use this myself.
  5. Do you think multicharts has function that allow referring to multiple symbols in the coding? what dll is required?
  6. I don't know about MC. If you are already using TS, you might want to try what I posted. It doesnt take much time to customize it and make it work for a specific application.
  7. You might want to check into Amibroker. It's cheap and does a lot of things other software can't.
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