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  1. I'm not sure whether something happened to ET in general, or whether it's just the "Resources" forum I never posted to earlier, but it sure is being moderated in a very "special" kind of way.
    I started a thread a couple of weeks ago, it seemed to be contributing to the discussion (admittedly, there were some idiot posts there, but that's what the ignore function is for).
    Judging by the PMs I got, it did bring smth useful to the board. At first (and this had never happen to any of my posts before (including those that might have been inappropriate), I started noticing parts of my posts disappear as a results of the moderators (easyguru's) editorials. And again, there was nothing there that really deserved being axed. I let it slide however. Then out of the blue the thread got deleted. Just out of curiosity, I started this one:


    Not surprisingly, it got closed before anyone had a chance to reply to the unsubstantiated claim of the so-called moderator.
    The alleged "pissing contest" was nothing compared to what occasionally takes place in other forums on ET and did not really take away from the discussion. Secondly, and more importantly, if indeed the moderator believed the thread was not going anywhere b/c of disruptive conduct of some posters (which wasn't really the case) - he could have simply closed it. Deleting it instead resulted in a loss of the information already there. I honestly couldn't care less except I got several PMs asking about the info that disappeared. Secondly, I was geniunely offended by such dictatorial and intrusive censorship. If this keeps happening, I think I will leave ET and I probably won't be the only one. I believe this "moderator" should be stripped of his powers for lack of professionalism, and the sooner the better.

    PS And in the mean time, at least he could add an editorial note to the posts he alters. Sort of like a "PG-13 as deemed fit by easyguru" statement... :D
  2. I've never seen you do anything other than start fights on here and post doctored screen shots of $10 million trading accounts.

    Easyguru does not deserve your crap.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but give it a rest.

  3. That BS was totally uncalled-for. If you don't see any of my contributions, then you must have spent all your time reading Mr.Markets threads.

    PS If you agree that closing a thread that has useful info is professional, then I'm not sure how they select moderators here.
    PPS Doctored my a$$, just b/c you are trading your granny's 25000 barely avoiding the PDT constraints, doens't mean everybody else is.
  4. You started the thread. This was your response to someone asking what was referred to in that book. Someone else said the thread title was misleading you did not wanted it to be moderated.
    <font color=red>I have not posted anything on ET for several month and it was precisely b/c if morons like you. I don't give a f#ck whether you or anyone knows I was referenced somewhere. The only reason I mentioned it was b/c I WAS trading and MAKING $$$ on the strategy some of which was used in that book (albeit indirectly)- i.e. it was to validate that the book was not pure theory.
    Apology my a$$. I did not mislead anyone. If you are among the naive cohorts running around hoping someone will throw you a bone of a "whole grail" variety, keep hoping. As for the nationality, I too happen to have come from the Russian speaking parts. So there was nothing said against any nationality. What I implied was that if he/she had any roots from there, I'd expect better from him/her for the reasons I mentioned.

    (and moderator, changing the title to pacify the gullable members wasn't all that necessary. ET has sure changed in the last half a year...)</font>
    After that it degenerated in to several pages of pissing contest.
    I got several PM about language, nationality related insults, accusations. So I deleted it.
  5. First of all, if you post my reply, you might as well post the insult I was replying to - namely, someone who others (moderators by the way) agreed was a troll and needed to be on my ignore list, insulting me by saying I posted only to brag about some silly reference and belittleing the contribution of the thread - he obviously thought the thread would just say what and when to buy and sell.... Secondly, if you read the thread further, you'd see that the Russian guy I was talking about agreed with me on his being lazy.
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    Vlad, if your return is going to be marked by all this bitching, why not take another extended leave of absence? We have enough of this nonsense already.
  7. Who said I returned? I merely stepped in for a second to bring a useful resource to those who were interested and wanted a worthy book to read over the holidays. As for the extended leave, I was about to do just that. And having read some of the recent threads, I think I'll be missed a lot more than you if you do the same.

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    Well, you said you had been gone for "several months". I suppose that's not really going away.

  9. In fact...I made a comment to vladiator about the traders that initially responded to him simply wanted to know where to get the book...

    vladiator responded to me nicely about the misunderstanding he had towards the initial responses to the thread title.

    However, soon after...someone said the thread title was misleading...

    they did not personally attack vladiator.

    However...vladiator responded to that individual and others soon after that via personal attacks and a few profanity words...

    soon both sides were engaging in rude comments, personal attacks and that thread was no longer useful to any trader.

    Main reason why I used the complain menu below a particular post by vladiator....

    Asking the thread to either have all the personal attacks messages be deleted or moved to Chit Chat.

    I guess as a moderator...its an easy call...why spend all day editing a thread when its clear that both sides aren't going to stop in their rude conversation that has nothing to do with trading.

    Only option is to delete the thread.

    Yes...there are other threads like that and others currently going strong...I guess it depends on how many complaints are sent to the moderator.

    Note: I was testing the new version of snagit and did some screen shots (screen capture) of that thread.

    The thread deserved to be deleted...it quickly developed into personal attacks by others and vladiator.

    The Russian guy wasn't the only one that vladiator hurled personal attacks and profanity towards.

    vladiator...I think you let particular traders easily get underneath your skin...

    you should have just ignored them after your initial replies to them.

    Someone here at E.T. once gave me a good piece of advice after I myself have responded to personal attacks...

    1. If I start a thread and rude posters show up...ignore them...don't reply to them...put them on ET ignore list...

    they will get the message fast when you don't respond.

    To reply to a rude poster in a thread that I started...only provides a reason for the other idiots to show up.

    2. If I get personal attacks while responding to a thread started by someone else about a topic I saw as interesting...

    quickly say my peace (be careful with my words...not to draw attention to myself to those waiting and looking for threads to vent in) and move on...

    put the trader on ignore and NEVER respond to them again in future threads.

    Hold traders accountable for what they say to you....via ignoring and NEVER have exchanges with them again.

    vladiator...I think the above was good advice to me and I think you should use it whenever someone throws a personal attack at you or whenever you think its a personal attack.

    Once again...that was not a useful resource thread...it wasn't posted in the resource forum...it was full of insults and personal attacks from both sides...some initiated by others and some initiated by vladiator.

    Thinking to myself...

    I was a little slow on that particular day when that message was posted...severe toothache...took me awhile longer to figure out that when vladiator said he wasn't going to share the strategies eventhough the thread title implied the opposite...he really meant to go to amazon...do a research on the book title if your really interested

    There was never a mentioning of how to obtain that book until I said something...that's when you realized the misuderstanding and acknowledge such in that thread.

    However...by that time...it was too late...everybody thought they were a cocky Ricardo Mayorga.


    Hmmm....I like few of those words in the above link because they are a good explanation of what type of threads at ET that merit deletion...

    Verbal Barbs, Emotional Venom, Precocious, Intimidate, Provoke, Humiliation.

    That thread was all the above.

    P.S. Those screen shots have been deleted after I learned how to send images to FTP site via inside Snagit.

  10. Dear NihabaAshi,
    I WAS sharing the strategies - via pointing to a book :) I didn't even think for a second it would be a problem for anyone to locate the book if need be. And no that's not what the problem was for them - they simply wanted a ready-to-use thing, which nothing is in life. In other words, I didn't mention how to obtain the book b/c a second grader can figure that out. As for your advice, I appreciate it. But I'm not going to take it. People are different - you seem to be the modest and quite type trying to say smth and attract as little attention as possible and then move back into the background. If it works for you - I'm truly happy. That doesn't mean it's the only good way to go about things. Many people achieve the most by being more pushful and by aggressively pursuing their goals. I'm that type. I like doing this that way. Concerning the language, I'm sorry it offended your ears (eyes? :)), some things are easier to convey in those terms (particularly to some addressees).

    You are very right. I'm very annoyed by the lazy type who wants everything pre-chewed, looking for someone to find the "holy grail" and share it with them in a ready-to-use form and then gets upset if some effort is required.

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