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    Has anyone trade/invested in the new GSCI ETF in Europe? It is not available in the US, but is traded on the Swiss and German exchanges.

    I came acros this thing by googling "commodities ETF":


    The version on the Swiss stock exchange is denominated in USD, the one in Germany is denominated in EUR.


    According to IB's TWS, the German version is available (or at least recognized by TWS) as symbol IM2E
  2. I looked at some etf's a while back on Euronext and the bid-ask spread was lousy. Unless you held it for days, it wouldn't make sense. I suspect it's probably the same with this. Anyway, nowadays whenever these big and well-capitalized crooks...err brokers promote and make these etf's available to the public, it means 2 things. The public gets skinned some more and the indexes themselves will have more fake moves.