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  1. This looks really hokey, but out of curiousity, does anyone know anything about this site/service?


    The fact that it has "referral plans" and seems to promote other (non-trading) online businesses makes it all the more suspect to me.

    Only one thing makes them slightly interesting: they claim to post their daily results here, as well as their results in a trading contest:

  2. Here at ET, we have a special presentation for new "members" who have one or two posts and ask "does anyone know anything about this (site, service, vendor, system, etc.)?

    At the moment, I am busy watching Arnold in "Terminator 3", but if you will hold on for a while, I will be back to present you a special verbal award.

    Stay right there.

  3. Ok, but before you rake me over the coals, please notice the skeptical tone of my post, I think you'd see I'm not too serious about this service. All sorts of red flags on their website. But...

    As I said, I'm just a little curious about anyone who appears to post their daily results. I've done some reading/lurking here, and everyone seems to want to see broker statements/trade results for anyone who claims to be profitable. So do you think this site just fabricates these daily results? I have no idea. I'm just wondering.

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  5. Interesting, we have one new member with the handle 9999

    and another with the handle 10000

    each with very few posts.

    Guess who they might be? Anyone?

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    FYI Steve, I'm not a "new member", even though I don't post much, and I never pimped (or am associated to) any website, vendor, or anything else, with this handle and/or with all the other 9999 handles I might (not) have. So, go wash your mouth and be more careful.
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  7. If you're implying that I "pimped" the aforementioned website, then you, sir/m'am, are an idiot. Please go back and read my post.

    Have a good one.

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    Wasn't talking to you, pal. And I'm not the one who implied that you pimped that site. Please go back and read the other posts.
  9. Sorry for the misunderstanding. My apologies.

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