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    Okay, say you're on the ET home page.
    I wish it was possible to "mouse over" the word "FORUMS" and a drop down menu of all the forums would appear.
    Then you could just click on the forum you wanted to view.
    When you click on the particular forum you want, all the threads in that forum would appear.
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  3. When on the home page you can click a button on the top in white with a green banner background entitled forums. That will show you the forums.

  4. Well then just bookmark the first link I posted and scroll down.


  5. You can scroll down when you click on Forums. It works for me, though, I understand if it doesn't work for a person that refreshes the ET page every 10 minutes, all day, every day. :p

    Having a 37 items long drop-down menu might also not be practical.
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    What some of you are suggesting is no different than what we've had all these years.
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    The mouse over drop down wouldn't show all the threads; just the forums.
    Perhaps, for easier reference, they could be placed in alphabetical order.

  8. The problem with mouse over affects is that it bloats the code, slowing the forum down. I believe JavaScript would be required for the affect and then it might have to be optimized for each browser, adding to the bloated code.

    JavaScript is a pain in the butt, especially trying to mix it with easy to use PHP.
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