Easy way to combine strategies?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by shortie, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. i am looking for an easy way to combine various systems into one multi-system. i have 10 strategies and i can generate an excel output that contains average profit/loss per contract per day for each strategy. now i would like to start adding all these strategies together varying the position size at the same time. is there a good software that could do that for me? preferentially one with a free trial. i have read this thread but it does not explain how to easily combine the systems. thank you
  2. You might want to manage your portfolio of systems based on the amount of risk that each trade represents to your overall portfolio in terms of the potential loss (stop loss).

    In other words, only risk a sum total of X% of your total portfolio based on those units of risk that each trade represents.

    Chabah goes into the concept quite nicely here on his thread:


    This way you will never be overleveraged if any number of positions goes against you. You may also want to cut down the number of potential setups that you're willing to trade based on their characteristics and the type of market they tend to excel in (trending-no pullbacks, trading range, trending with pullbacks, etc.).

    BTW, all you need to manage this process is an excel spreadsheet and a few formulas.

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