Easy Toker, Electronic Cannabis Device,

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  1. Aug. 22, 2011
    American Medical News Web-only issue

    A new product will hit store shelves next week. Known as the Easy Toker, Electronic Cannabis Device, it offers a safe and legal alternative to traditional marijuana.

    Similar in function to electronic cigarettes, the Easy Toker produces only water vapor, not smoke. It also does not have the problematic side effects found in traditional marijuana, such as short term memory loss and the munchies.

    The way in which the drug has been harnessed for use in the device circumvents federal legislation on illegal drugs. As a result, the device is 100% legal for use for anyone over 21.

    The Easy Toker will be available in two formats, the familiar marijuana cigarette, or joint, and the larger 'Fat Boy' model. Both models will sell for the same price, $19.95.

    Depending on the success of the Easy Toker, electronic alternatives for other illicit drugs including cocaine, LSD, heroin, may soon be on the market

    Stay tuned.....
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    when i read this it got my hopes up, turns out it is just a spoof.
  3. party pooper. I'd like to see how this played out.
  4. Was a good chuckle, :D .