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    Does anyone know of a broker that offers an account statement that is easier to understand than IB's? I trade mostly futures and an occasional stock at Interactivebrokers, but find their account statements and calculations hard to understand. I also find their Profit/Loss columns on their TWS trade platform don't always add up correctly, and tracking P/L(Profits/Losses) is critical to trading.
  2. just outta curiosity, but what's exactly wrong with ib's statements?
    also never noticed problems with pnl calculations.

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    Oh my gawd, IBs statements are hard to understand??!! Oh geesys, try clearing ML.

    You don't know how good you got it.

  4. Penson is indecipherable. I think they do it deliberately. The less understandable, the less likely you are to pick up mistakes.
  5. You guys have not read my spreadsheets yet...After a few months of not updating some of them, I have trouble figuring out what I was doing...
  6. I don't believe you for a minute. I believe that if anybody is making PNL calculation mistakes it is you, not IB. You never responded to the evidence I and others gave in your previous threads, suggesting that you are not an IB customer, that you are only pretending to be an IB customer, and that you are shilling for an IB competitor and deliberately trying to harm IB's reputation. Those threads are at http://elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=68990&highlight=cscott and http://elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=70387&highlight=cscott.

    This is the third anti-IB thread you have started. All of your anti-IB threads mention IB by name in the title. The only posting you ever made on ET, which did not criticize IB in some way, demonstrates that you have essentially zero knowledge of trading, and I think also that you aren't even a trader at all, just a clueless employee of an IB competitor. Here is your only posting not devoted to criticizing IB:

  7. Can you give an example of the profit/loss numbers in TWS being incorrect? I haven't noticed any errors with futures or options. A stock split last week resulted in a displayed cost basis of 0; that's the only bug I've run into (is there a way I can manually change the cost basis?).
  8. ja second that; a screenshot of an example would do just fine.

  9. here's my thinking. if you trade 100's or 1000's of times a day outside downlaoding to excel everynight forget it. i assume there's a few geeks out there that keep the brokers in line and if they turn them in they'll screwed so they do things right
  10. I think a lot of us do that, but it makes me very uncomfortable.
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