Easy to make money on currency trading

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  1. I have trade for almost a year now in the currency market. It is very easy to make money from 8am to 11am. At this time the market 80% of the time will adjust in favor or against the dollar.....very easy just to take the ride and make a couple of hundred dollars.

    Has anyone also noted and taken advantage of this????
  2. What pair/future do you trade?
  3. I only trade the Euro and JPY. The spreads on these are smaller and they offer far more liquidity than others. Also more 70% of the time these tend to move opposite to each other between 8am to 11am.
  4. There is more liquidity in the currency market then you cluld ever need and the width of the market depends on who you use not the whole market
  5. be careful when news comes out...
  6. You have to look at news, the broker gives some plus those on the internet and tv. But its really easy. It just a ride. I wanted to know if someone else knows about it. The only effort I have to do is to pay 110% of attention in case of a reversal and to identify the morning move.
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    Shhh, big secret. Me make so much much money. So easy do this. Bang on drum, then buy yankee dollar. Yabba, dabba, doo!
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    What type of chart do you use. Thanks
  9. 10 min
    15 min
    30 min
    1 hr

    All of them combined, when the market is going one way as I said before these 4 charts all say the same exact thing.
  10. you are talking about the CME Globex Euro and Yen...correct?...if yes, how many Euro and Yen contracts per trade?....OR...if FOREX, how many lots per trade?..
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