Easy question on SP emini trading

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by EChicago, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. EChicago


    I've traded stocks using using a web based trading platform in the past. I want to start small trading 1 S&P e mini contract in futures.

    What brokers offer...

    >Web based trading platform (Don't want to download anything, as I'll be making trades from different computers at several different locations)
    >Allow initial account size of only $4k-$5k in the beginning.
    >Support bracket orders on their web based order browser.
    >Have $5.00 round turn commission/fees per contract.
    >Allow emini trading day and night, Monday thru Friday.

  2. Think or Swimm - will cover all of the above except the commissions
    Future contract is 3.50 per transaction (7 bucks round trip)
  3. $7/RT? Do they must wear a mask and use a gun as well, cause that's robbery.
  4. EChicago


    Thank you mgabriel01,
    The think or swim site is Exactly the web browser based trading site I was looking for! It even has simulated paper trading! Friggin perfect! $3.50 per contract isn't too bad. I'll be opening an account there soon unless someone else knows of a web browser based trade platform that offers all that TrS offers (see my original post), but with lower commissions. Highly unlikely.
  5. hi echicago .. contact manduca trading in chicago .. they've got a bunch of platforms and might be able to meet your requirements. good luck with your trading
  6. what about IB's web based TWS? is it the suck or ??