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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Digs, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Digs


    A newbie...

    I read an advisor service and they posted there results.

    In a month based on one contract per currency there returns were

    GBP/USD 272 pips
    USD/CHF 206 pips

    Ok fine, so what this in MONEY terms, whats is it GBP for GBP/USD and USD for USD/CHF, is it 10 per pip of the respective currency ?

    Please post the answer ?
  2. Your average position size (e.g., in lots) during the month, times the average (constant or variable) pip value per lot, times the monthly number of pips earned, equals your estimated monthly P&L for a sequence of trades in a given currency pair.

    Can I offer a friendly suggestion? If you post some questions, and there are replies, things generally work out better for everyone if you actually go ahead and read those replies. Then, if your questions are resolved, great; if not, well, keep asking, preferably in the same thread, until hopefully they are.

    3 days ago you posted very similar questions regarding converting pips to $ for various currency pairs:


    Is there some part of my original reply, among others, that's not clear to you, compelling you to start this thread from scratch?
  3. lastick


    Pair Pip value (100k contract)
    EUR-USD 10
    GBP-USD 10
    AUD-USD 10
    USD-JPY 8.5
    NZD-USD 10
    USD-CHF 7.68
    USD-CAD 8.64
    EUR-JPY 8.5
    EUR-CHF 7.68
    USD-NOK 1.51
    GBP-JPY 8.5
    CHF-JPY 8.5
    USD-PLN 3.09
    EUR-GBP 17.46
    EUR-CZK 0.42
    USD-DKK 1.61
    USD-THB 25.55
    USD-SGD 6.17
    EUR-NZD 642.9
    USD-SEK 1.28
    AUD-JPY 0.09
    EUR-NOK 150.87

    updated : Wed, 15 Mar 2006 00:45:28 +0100
  4. Check your calculations... a few of your values are off by a factor of 100, up or down.

    EUR/NZD $6.43
    AUD/JPY $8.50
    EUR/NOK $1.51
  5. Most strict moderation is needed in this folder. It's becoming very chaotic and random.
  6. Lucrum


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