Easy platform for automated Equity Options trader with IB?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by yosuji198, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. Hi Community,

    I am a trader using IB TWS with only basic coding experience looking to set up a simple automated options trading bot:
    If underlying stock price hits DecisionPrice1, then buy/sell spread call/put at some LimitPrice1 limit price. If underlying stock continues its momentum and hits DecisionPrice2, then buy/sell spread call/put at this LimitPrice2 price. Or if underlying reverses back and hits some price do something... Simple stuff. I need to be able to do this for equity AND index options (and why not futures options too).

    I am hoping there is an already existing software platform compatible with IB that I can build this robot on. Building my own thing in Python or C would require months of learning :banghead: Also, I'm Canadian and not a lot of brokers with low prices will work here :banghead:. IB does work. I've done some digging and:

    Ninjatrader: doesn't do equity options :banghead:
    Tradestation EL: no Canadians allowed (and expensive) :banghead:
    Multicharts PL: maybe works? but it's not really set up for options trading :banghead:
    MetaTrader 5 expert advisor: Doesn't work with IB (without some expensive workaround for institutional clients only?) :banghead::banghead:
    eSignal: ?

    Are there any reputable platforms that I missed? Does anyone know how I can build this code in a simple manner?

  2. traider


    ib insync wraps ib api using python
    it's quite user friendly
  3. ZBZB


    Employ a coder from www.upwork.com search on interactive brokers api.
  4. Yes I won't be building the code myself. I will pay someone to build it and just edit it - but it still needs to be user friendly enough for me to understand
  5. You may be right traider. Have you tried IBridgePy? Do you think it's easier to use than ib insync?

  6. traider


    Nope only used ib insync which was good enough.
  7. Hey traider. What are notebooks (jupyter?) and what are recipes?
    Also, I'm am guessing that there are a bunch of pre-built useful functions (stored in notebooks or they come with ib_insync)?
  8. Another question - ib_insync vs IBPy vs IBridgePy --- I know some are better than others but are they all similar since they're all running python?

    I'm asking because there's a free IBridgePy course on QuantInsti -> If I end up coding in ib_insync then are these courses on IBridgePy a waste of my time or is the coding language & structure going to be simple for all these python solutions?