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    Any one have any experience with their monitor stands? Prices they are quoting online right now makes it seem like they are about to go out of business. Any reason not to buy their product? Can Ergotron really be that much different??? Thanks
  2. Wow that's really cheap. I've never used them but would be interested to hear feedback if you purchase.

    The only brand outside of Ergotron that I've worked with is Humanscale and if you think Ergotron is expensive take a look at Humanscale... but it's worth every penny when it's someone else's dime.
  3. It's bent metal. I've always taken issue with the criminals in the industry who charge $200-$500 for bent metal.

    Nice to know there's now an honest person in the industry.

    Please let me know if you find some honestly priced floor stands for large format tv's or monitors. I need three of them. Thanks.
  4. Please post a review if you get it. I'm about to order the 6 monitor one. reviews seem positive
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  6. http://shop.easymountlcd.com/Quad-F...-Free-Standing-up-to-24-002-0015-002-0015.htm

    I bought this and the stand itself is great. I did not like that all my screens were flat though.

    So I bought 2 of these:

    This way I can curve my screens. I just like to have my main charts centered and my other 'stuff' curved in towards me.

    Both stands are great, have worked perfectly. I was wondering what I was getting at those prices as well, but I would highly recommend that site.

    BTW - I have that 4 monitor stand for sale. I waited too long to set it up to return it so if anyone is local (Cleveland area) and is interested let me know. Local only, the shipping on this would not be worth it for either of us.

    BTW #2 - just make sure your monitors are VESA ready or you have adapters. Learned that the hard way: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=228751
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    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!
  8. I'm looking at either getting 3 dual or 1 hex setup to use with 6 monitors. Roughly the same cost.

    Any thoughts on which way to go?

    Will be getting with the stand (not the attach to desktop) so was thinking maybe 3 duals take up too much room?

  9. I tried a quad stand and hated it. The reason being I like my monitors curved towards me, not flat but I didn't realize it till after trying the quad out.

    Using a 6 screen flat mount would mean a lot of screen real estate completely flat. Seeing from side to side would look like a tennis match, which is fine if that works for you. For me, I wanted my monitors curved towards me.

    Even if additional stands are a bit more bulky, I love the setup of having independent dual stands.
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    I just purchased the hex mount stand with desk clamp. The horizontal mounting bars have a slight bend and the outer 4 screen mounts are all adjustable. I don't have my system setup on it yet, but I think it will be a good curved screen setup.
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