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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dookie, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. dookie


    taking a look at TASR it is easy to predict where this will go in the near 5-7 days. look at correlation between the recent price movement and the volume uniphase. a simple 50sma shows a distinctive area to target upon. just make sure stops are in place incase of and indirect explosion

    good luck
  2. Bob111


    and what is your prediction for next 5-7 days?
    just give us a numbers
  3. dookie


    based on the information given that should be clear. therefore , you tell me .....
  4. My calculations show it will move Up, down or sideways :eek:
  5. dookie


    by saying this, the way you see it you will be right no matter what.

    but the way i see that is that you will be 1 outta 3.

    not good
  6. I'd say your initial post is almost as pointless as my reply, but the reply was meant to be pointless.

  7. ig0r


    DOWNNN, until we go UPPP
  8. Mecro


    Are you serious?

    TASR is nothing more than a hedge fund manipulated momentum play. Yes the day traders do use technicals to trade on the lower volume days but at any moment one of this hedge funds will step in and screw everyone..

    Using and sticking by any fundamentals & technicals on that stock will get you killed.
  9. Turok


    VERY well said.


  10. I thought stocks traded based on sincere supply and demand principles? The efficient market theorem demands it.

    Hedge Funds? Is that a euphemism for gang of shake and bake traders?

    #10     Apr 28, 2004
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