Easy Money, No Risk Trading

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  1. I know I know, I have started this thread before, and the last one I started were I mentioned no stops or no risk, I was blown out and closed down the first day or two with a $2600.00 loss.

    That is precisely my point, had I just help onto that position I add cost averaged into, it would have come right back and made me 4-5k

    I am in the Dow Mini right now, 1 contract @ 12635. I will add to it should it drop to prove my point.

    I have followed these index futures since 1999. Right now the trend is up and you should trade accordingly, THAT MEANS BUY THEM DIPS!

    Here we go...... NO RISK IN THIS MARKET.......PERIOD!
  2. Looking to add @ 12610,12590, NO FEAR!
  3. Time for a pizza, stepping out, no stops just one buy limit order @ 12610.
  4. do you trade the ES or just the Mini-dow..what is your max drawdown in points for both that you allow..thanks!
  5. Like taking candy from a baby.
  6. I am going to try something different here, I am going to add to a winner.

    Remember every trading book out their says, ALWAYS USE STOPS.
    And add to winner never add to looser.

    So here goes adding @ 12657. I always average in and never add to a winning position, so this is something new and I am only adding to one contract, sort of an experiment.
  7. mymini

    how do you say its no risk when you are only gaming 1 contract?

    If its no risk, go balls out :D 50 contracts minimum!

    Thats like telling us, nyc is the best place to buy real estate and all you buy is a parking space in harlem.
  8. Keeper


    I agree with your approach when you're using zero or very little leverage and only trade in the general direction of the market.
  9. asap


    mymini is the kind of guy that wins a couple of bucks when the ym is trending up and then loses 90% of her account the ym retraces, that's why he has to pump it here so she can recoup a fraction of her loses.
  10. Looking good up $175 on this little trial.
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