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  1. I would like to know how long it took you to learn to back test complex strategies using easy language? Also can multiple symbols and indicators be used in a strategy?

    My background: I traded for about 4 years back in the worldco days. I know what I want to do but never used easy language. I just want to back test some stuff to see if it is profitable.

    Any advice on the boot camps that Trade Station offers or other options?

  2. I used to use Tradestation and spent a while testing a black box for the emini S&P. I would say it would take about a month to really figure out easy language. It's been a while since I did it, so I don't remember all that much. It prints out some pretty sweet reports on your system statistics. I think it will only work on multiple symbols if the manner in which you programmed the system can be generalized to many price ranges and markets. Mine was programmed to the emini S&P price range. For example, one code might specify something about a 1.5 point movement. If I ran it for emini Dow or a stock it didn't work.

    I'm also pretty sure you can program it for multiple indicators if you like. As long as you can keep all that code organized. Programming it is very meticulous work. Sometimes you make a mistake and have to dig through pages and pages of code to figure out what is incorrect. When it does work, it is pretty cool, though.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck

    Johnny Utah
  3. Anobody else and Utah Thanks! This is what gets rid of newbies! Oh the Holy GraIl, where is it!!!!!ROFL!!!!!

    Utah I have the TS videos and am watching them as I write this! never expected it to be so easy TS 4! It's old but great! NEW VIEW NO CLASSES!
  4. Be careful...it's also EASY to make some mistakes in easy language without getting a warning.....
    also, the achilles heal of the language has always been the inability to analyze multiple strategies as a single account. Even with the rewrite that has been done in the past 3 years, they still didn't provide this functionality.
  5. ChrisM


    When I was using trading systems I hired a programmer for EL, and sometimes it took him a while to find proper coding anyway.

    Some time before that however, I was shopping around for EL programming and average price for consultation was about $100/hour.
    As for something which requires only a month of studying, not bad though :)

    EL is like playing guitar - it is relatively simple to catch nasd write some codes. But if you want to use it for advanced tasks, get ready for the challenge.
  6. Everyone Thanks! After watching the tapes I think it’s not to hard compared to many of the things I am doing with TS now. The tapes and work book are VERY WELL WRITEN! Better then I expected. What I am going to do is write my systems and back test them in about 30 days and if I am still having issues I will take some classes at TS to ask questions about weak points.