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  1. I want to extend my programming abilities for easylanguage, and TradeStation version 7.x. Are there any books, or resources available that someone could recommend; the only books I have seen are those that were written for prior versions.

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    Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine has code samples in just about every issue.

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  5. Learn:


    UML concepts.

    Learn to write functions. What kind of indicators or set of indicators do you use? Try to get those pattern of yours or personal preferences to a function.

    Learn the use of arrays. Do you have too much variables that are very similar? Try to array them nicely.

    As an order... at least for me... I learned to write:

    1. Indicators (ShowMe and PaintBar(or whatever it was called))

    2. Signals.

    3. Functions.

    4. ActivityBars

    5. ProbabilityMaps(or whatever they call it)

    Then came all the COM ext. DLL using VBA then C++.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
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    I don't know of a book that is better than using Omegaresearch's tutorials and practice. There are many sites that have code for many many indicators, systems, functions, etc.

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    Agreed, those tapes that came with Supercharts and TS2000 were great and the books as well. There is a forum on yahoo, search "mr easylanguage", you can post questions there if you get stuck.