Easy language???

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by EqtTrdr, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. I am looking to write a program into Tradestation " easy language"..lol yeah, easy..lol

    I wrote it into my Metastock without a problem, but cant seem to find the right words/values/inputs to use......

    any help is appreciated!!


    EMA1:= Mov(CLOSE,13,E);
    EMA2:= Mov(EMA1,13,E);
    Difference:= EMA1 - EMA2;
    ZeroLagEMA13:= EMA1 + Difference;
    EMA1:= Mov(CLOSE,21,E);
    EMA2:= Mov(EMA1,21,E);
    Difference:= EMA1 - EMA2;
    ZeroLagEMA21:= EMA1 + Difference;
    ZeroLagMACD:=ZeroLagEMA13 - ZeroLagEMA21;
  2. forget it....got it to work!!

    False alarm!!...
  3. inputs:

    EMA1( 0 ),
    EMA2( 0 ),
    Difference ( 0 ) ;

    EMA1= Average(Close, Length1) ;
    EMA2= Average(EMA1, Length1);

    Plot1(EMA1, "EMA1");
    Plot2(EMA2, "EMA2");

    should get you on your way.

    (I'm not sure what the E stands for in the Mov, but there are other averages in TS one can use).
  4. For ema use xAverage(close,length);

  5. the folks at tradestationworld.com will help you with your "not so E.L." questions. It often takes a bit of time and more than 1 request, but you'll get an answer in the end.
  6. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help!!

    Much appreciated!!