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    I used to be a tradestation user and write my own Easy Language strategies.

    I was wondering if anybody knows a low cost software with Easy Language so I can tinker with some strategies without having to reopen an account with Tradestation. I don't want to trade anytime soon, but I want to try to program some strategy ideas.

    Someone suggested Multicharts to me, but they don't have their own feed and by the time you pay the feed and software, you might as well pay tradestation.

    Any suggestions?
  2. TS2000i but easylanguage is not the same as in current version I heard. Anyway, I'm looking for a used copy of TS2000i, if anyone knows how to get one legally please email me at billchen90 --at--yahoo.com
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    Short of finding a copy of 2000i as mentioned above, I would say MultiCharts as well, as they are the only other product I know of that uses the same coding structure as EL. I do not use MC, but I did the trial once to check it out. At the time they claimed to support OpenTick, which is a free data feed (you only pay exchange fees for whatever you subscribe to). I could never get OT to work with it, but I have used OT with other platforms so its not the feed. MC may have been updated to offer better support for OT but I have not tried it. Anyway, if you are only looking for a testing platform, that may be the best option...also I would imagine you could load any ascii data if you were only wanting to backtest.
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    What exactly is TS2000i? I have never heard of it? Why would the EL be different?
  5. ts2000i = tradestation 2000i
    a version of tradestation previous to their current package.
    the advantage it offers is a standalone program requiring no subscription. you could write your strats to your hearts content without monthly fees. the disadvantages are many - but there are workarounds. data feed, software 'bugs', no support from tradestation to name a few. copies of ts2000i are generally always found on ebay - just use caution when shopping and common sense..
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    How does easylanguage differ from the currently used easylanguage on TS version 8.2?
    I believe before version 8, you couldnt execute a trade command until a bar closes. Would I have these sort of easy language issues?
  7. yes - i think you may be correct, but i'm afraid i can't say precisely. i'm not an expert, or even close, so someone else should answer this. i do know that ts2000i cannot import an .eld that the current TS exports.. yet, if the file is in text form, most can be adapted to ts2000i (but not all)
  8. The format used by easy language in TS8 is different from the format in TS2000i. So you cannot import your code in TS2000i.

    You cannot buy TS2000i legally on ebay or from someone else. The buyer receives a personal copy that cannot be sold to anyone else. Tradestation has already forced sellers in the past to withdraw their add on Ebay.

    When using TS2000i you have no RT feed. A thirdparty feed will cost you more than doing 10 trades a month with Tradestation.

    About the so called bugs and the lack of support: i never had any bug and never needed support since i bought the first version in 1995. This doesn't mean there aren't any problems, all depends of what you do when programming.
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    Could you comment more on the easylanguage differences?
  10. TS2000i files have ELS or ELA extensions; TS8.X files have ELD extension.

    They are not compatible.
    Perhaps you can copy and paste an ELD file in an ELS or ELA file and verify it.
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